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Buenos Aires | Argentina

In our view, design is a profession through which we can produce simple and concrete solutions to certain problems, taking both aesthetics and function into account.

We enjoy working with a method that ensures the success of each of our projects –we listen to our clients and interpret their needs, we do research, we diagnose and define the problem, and we organize, develop and propose solutions.

We undertake each assignment with equal enthusiasm, whether we are working for individuals, small ventures or large companies.

We bring into our team the talent needed for each project –photographers, copywriters, translators and other professionals that add to the quality of our work.

Since 1992, we have been offering print and multimedia solutions, working in the various fields of visual communication –editorial design, identity, web sites, packaging, illustration, photography, branding, trade show booths, signage and print production. Since 2010 we add trifectamuebles: we recover, re-design, recycle, make, invent, making furniture that could adapt to each particular needs.

Dafne Simkin (see CV) and José De Marco (see CV)
Graphic Designers | UBA University of Buenos Aires, Argentina